Friday, November 11, 2011

The farmer's market is still open with lots of great stuff.! Our vendors still have produce, especially veggies that store well through the winter like beets, fruit, potatoes. There are still tomatoes that were picked before last night's big frost. There will be plenty of good baked goods and canned goods until Christmas. Now that the weather is cool the vendors are starting to make candy. Most vendors are happy to make something for you if you don't see what you want. There are also unique crafts that make great hostess gifts and Christmas presents.
  • I will have a lot of green tomatoes at the market tomorrow for $1/lb. I also cut all my herbs so I will have cut herbs also. What I don't sell tomorrow I will dry. I also have loads of hot peppers, mostly habeneros. And of course I will have my home made soaps, lotions, lip balms, etc.
  • Linda is making some different cookies. Last week she had peanut butter, chocolate chocolate chip, M & M chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin (I had some of these, they were yummy). And she also has her regular stuff like my personal favorite, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, pumpkin bread, blueberry muffins and other sweet breads, yeast breads including awesome rye bread and cinnamon rolls, canned jams & jellies made with her own home grown fruit, canned beets and tomatoes. She also has hot chocolate and coffee.
  • Judy is making her fudge now and has other snack stuff like great caramel corn, cupcakes, peanut brittle. Her huckleberry muffins are awesome and something you can't get anywhere else. She also has very popular cheese bread made with yeast and she has been knitting baby hats with mittens and booties. The jewelry & sun catchers she makes with porcupine quills will be there as always.
  • Vicky & Troy still have produce. They have lots of tomatoes. They have tomatoes in their green house that still have that great home grown taste. Also, beets, pears and maybe still some peppers and garlic. Vicky also has her homemade cheese and apple rolls and yeast breads. She makes a bread that tastes like a crescent roll and some that has a nut, brown sugar mix in it. Both are wonderful. They may have some brown eggs this week too. Vicky also has some great canned goods. Recently she made some pear preserves and pear butter. She also has other preserves and butters, and canned veggies and veggie spread.
  • Maggie will have her fall wreathes, some of which light up, and grave decorations. She will also have her Swarvoski (sp?) jewelry and holiday sparkle balls (which also light up). She also has some small aloe plants.
  • John & Darleen will have a large selection of canned goods. They make all of them together as a couple. They have all the favorites and many unusual items as well, including mint jelly, mint apple jelly, cantaloupe jelly, a large variety of hot pepper jellies, many fruit jellies, apple butter, pumpkin butter, a variety of canned relishes and many more items too numerous to mention. They also make sugar free jellies and snack breads. Darleen makes regular snack breads too including her latest green tomato bread which sounds funny but is very tasty.
  • John Kopmann said he wasn't sure if he was coming this week. If he does he will have tomatoes, pecans, a variety of cooking pumpkins and winter squashes. I bought a Fairy Tale and La Estrada pumpkin and a Blue Hubbard and Buttercup squash. My daughter in law will make holiday pies and soups with them. They will keep for the holidays if you put them in a cool place. I get them every year and put them in the garage.
  • Doris is usually at the market but haven't heard for sure. She has the fancy stuff like pies, tarts, springerle cookies. She also has comfort food like cinnamon rolls and muffins.
  • Wilma has a variety of crafts for children and adults. She makes the cutest children's aprons with tools or cooking utensils in the pockets. She also makes home decor items like embroidered and appliqued dish towels, hand towels, pillows etc. Last week she some really cute fall and thanksgiving decorations.
  • There are many more vendors that will be at the market. I will try and highlight them in depth next week. Briefly for now; Art & Larry make handcrafted wood items, Natalie makes machine embroidered aprons and other items, Julia and Gwen make purses, Sandy makes a variety of unique crafts like dog collars and zipper bracelets, Maggie Barron makes cheese cake, Charlie has loads of produce, Tanya usually has canned items, cookies and candy, dried flowers and wreathes, Susan makes soap, bath salts, Kim makes cookies and cakes. I'm sure that I'm missing someone.
Tomorrow should be a beautiful day. Come see us at the market and buy local. All items at the market are handmade or grown by the people selling them.