Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween!

ARTCanDo is having a Make it and Take it Event!
Debbie Hawkins of Fox Creek Crafts and Garden (one of our vendors)
will be showing how to make the Ladder Yarn
necklace. We will also make a gift box with a lid,
decorate it and attach a tag. All ready for giving!
ARTCanDo is located at 618 West Fifth Street
Washington, MO Date: Monday Nov. 14 Time: 6:00-8:00pm. Refreshments
for your pleasure. Tour our buildings! $15 at the door.
Contact Andi Kempf for more information. 636-221-4991

Tomorrow we are having a Halloween party. Bob & Pat will be BBQ ing in the parking lot. Kids can come in costume and trick or treat from the vendors. There will be Halloween pictures for the kids to color and we will display them. I will be doing a craft project with the kids. We will be felting bars of soap. Anyone with old pantyhose or travel size bars of soap that they can donate, will be greatly appreciated.
Tomorrow at the market:
  • John & Darleen have made apple jelly and apple mint jelly. They are also making a new sweat bread with green tomatoes.
  • John Koppmann have lots of tomatoes, and winter squashes and pumpkins, as well as peppers, eggplant, cucumbers and more.
  • I made new lotion, some with orange butter
  • Linda is making more jelly and still has her pickled beets
  • Troy & Vickie should be back with produce, baked and canned goods
  • Gwen, of Just Button It, will be there with purses
  • many other vendors with produce, crafts, baked and canned goods
Next week starts our Winter hours. No more Wednesdays and
Saturdays 9 am to 1 pm

Happy Halloween,
Remember, buy local,
see you at the market
Spinning Blue Skys

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 29 is our Halloween party at the at the market. Bob & Pat's BBQ will be on the parking lot and the kids can come in costume and trick or treat from the vendors. I will be doing a craft project with the kids. We will be felting bars of soap. It will be going on throughout the day. Kids can bring a small bar of soap and an old pantyhose leg if they have it. Otherwise we will have extras of both.
We will be at the market this afternoon and next week Wednesday also. November starts our winter hours . No Wednesdays and Saturday hours 9 am to 1 pm.
John & Darleen are making homemade apple jelly this week and should have it Saturday.
Maggie has some beautiful grave decorations.
John does not have anymore watermelons (boo hoo) but has lots of pumpkins and gourds and pecans.
Vicky & Troy will not be at the market today or Saturday. Their daughter Lucy is getting married.
Brenda & Ron along with Tim, Charlie and John have had loads of produce. Last week I got some lettuce from Brenda that was so sweet and tender. It was like the first lettuce of the spring. And there were plenty of tomatoes.
And as always, this week we will have plenty of canned goods, baked goods and crafts.
Support your local farmers and craftsman. BUY LOCAL!
See you at the market.
Spinning Blue Skys

Friday, October 7, 2011

Wednesday was beautiful at the market. We had 6 vendors, 3 of them were produce vendors. There were plenty of tomatoes. John had watermelons and lots of pumpkins and gourds.
  • It is a good time for fall planting. I am going to bring some perennials and some bulbs tomorrow and Mark is coming with his asters and mums. The mums are in full bloom and beautiful.
  • Charlie is back with his produce. He had lots of tomatoes last week.
  • Vicky & Troy have lots of pears from their trees. They are fabulous.
  • Linda has her homegrown canned tomatoes.
  • Darleen & John will have their sugar free baked goods.
  • I will have my homemade dog soap, made with mango butter to condition skin and coat and herbal oils to repel fleas and ticks.
We would like to have a special fall Saturday at the market with Bob & Pat BBQ. I have been making felted soap bars at the market and the kids seem fascinated by it.
I would like to have a kids craft project where they felt their own bars of soap. I can provide the ingredients but I would need help from other adults. We could have the project the same Saturday as Bob & Pat or it might be good for a Wednesday at the market. Any girl scout / boy scouts/ home school groups interested? Email me at or call me at 314-795-1642.