Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh what a beautiful morning. I will be at the market this afternoon with baby Golden Ball Turnips. This is an heirloom variety brought to this country from England in 1855. They are sweet and mild and the tops are excellent for eating. I put them in my salad. I will also have baby spinach and lettuce and onions.
This Saturday is the Art and Wine Fest. The market will be open the regular hours but the vendors will be in the street in front of the market and the block to the west.
I have decided not to come that weekend.
See you this afternoon.
Spinning Blue Skys

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Good rainy morning. I will have white lilac and dogwood bouquets today as well as baby lettuce and onions.
See you at the market.
Spinning Blue Skys

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Let's hope it doesn't storm for the market this afternoon. Lily and her new friend Bella may have to come with me today. I will have fresh baby lettuce, spinach, onions and fresh cut cilantro. I will also have live herbs and plants.
I also have a 3 ft male holly and a 5 ft pink mimosa, 4 ft catalpa. If anyone wants to buy one of them let me know and I will bring it to the market.
We are also looking for volunteer musicians to play on Saturdays for tips. No hard rock please. Call Amanda at the Chamber of Commerce to get on the schedule. The number is on the lower right side of the blog. Or just stop by the market and if no one is playing have at it. Wednesday afternoons are available too but not as busy. It might make you a little more comfortable before playing on a Saturday. Playing at the market is good exposure several musicians are now too busy with paying jobs to play for us. We will put your name on the blog and facebook too. It also is a good confidence builder for students.
See you later today at the market.
Spinning Blue Skys

Friday, May 6, 2011

We are now open Wednesdays 3-6.
Sunday is Mother's Day. There are a lot of nice gift ideas at the market.
Maggie is making grave bouquets this year.
We want to welcome new vendors Irvin & Kathleen Huser. They were at the market Wednesday. They sell plants, produce, worm castings and adirondack chairs.
I am bringing cut chocolate mint and spearmint Saturday for Derby Day mint Juleps and mojitos. See you tomorrow at the market.
Spinning Blue Skys

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yesterday was a beautiful day at the market. The produce is slowly coming in. We had lettuce, spinach, cabbage, onions, radishes and fresh cut herbs. Every week there is a little more. There was also lots of fresh baked goods. Doris with Moriah bakery was there for the first time this year. I bought some farm fresh brown eggs from Vicki. I just cant buy those store bought eggs anymore. There are lots of crafts this year. Maggie has sparkle balls to take camping. There are beautiful embroidered aprons, hand made purses and Cindy was there with her great scarves. And of course there are loads of veggie plants, flowers and perennials. Oh, I almost forgot the home canned goods.
Next weekend is Mother's Day. There are lots of great gifts at the market.
Spinning Blue Skys