Friday, September 23, 2011

This weekend is the Annual Washington crafts festival. The farmers' market will still be open at its usual time, 8 am. There is usually parking in the block west of the market on main if you are coming early. We will, however, be open until 6 pm. We will also be open on Sunday the same hours as the festival which I believe is 10 am to 4 pm.

John and Tim have said they will be there Saturday morning with produce.

We have another new vendor who came for the first time Wednesday. Kim and her mother are bakers. They had cookie samples that got rave revues Wednesday. They also had breads and pies.

I have been making my own soap, hand felted bars of soap, Goats milk and shea butter lotion and lip balm . Tomorrow I will have goats milk, shea butter, mango butter soaps. I also pulled out last winter's knitted hats. They are freshly washed and include my special glow in the dark kids hats.
I am working on a new project to spin and knit a hat and glove set out of dog hair and I will be carding and spinning it at the market this weekend.
Come join the fun at the market and downtown this weekend.
Christa Jones
Spinning Blue Skys